US Cleaners

US Cleaners in Houston

We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving Houstonians for over 30 years. By utilizing the latest state of the art equipment. Customers like yourself will be able to receive freshly laundered clothing while knowing the environment's future was kept at U.S. Cleaner's top priority. Although customer satisfaction is one our tiers, we keep in mind the future for our children.

In late 2010, our business started to reduce our carbon foot print by utilizing Wet Cleaning. Since Wet Cleaning requires a special detergent that is not only needed for cleaning, but also conditioning to preserve the original condition of the garment, we also ensure all of the products that go into restoring your clothes to be environmentally friendly. We understand the manufacturing of clothing is in a innovative stage and cleaning the garment requires a different detergent every day, thus we are using the latest detergent that are bio-degradable.

We pledge to you that we will do our utmost best in cleaning and preserving your clothing in the best possible way. Our cleaners will always explore new techniques (chemical and mechanical) and equipment that best serve our customers.

US Cleaners is committed to protecting the environment, so drop off your hangers to recycle today.